Shanes Hauling - Shane Roberts of Shane's Hauling is a Lair and a Cheat

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Based out of the Seattle area in WA, my welding company came out to one of his jobs to cut up a vehicle to scrap, I have estimated it at about $1200-$1400 to cut up, he said no I just want it in big pieces so I reduced my estimate to around $600. So after about 15 hours on the job and $50 dollars in materials he found out he wasn't going to make enough on scrap to pay me, so he has since not returned my calls and I have not gotten an email response in months.

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I am a fellow Business owner in the Scrap Metal Industry...and Personally know shane..

Bottom Line...

I dont think this happend!

What I do Think Is This.......BOGUS COMPLAINT.

Shane would not call some welding outfit!!!He wouldnt have to...And it would not take 15 hours to cut up A Car...hmm?

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